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Terms and conditions 8th June 2018

1. General provisions

1.1 Seller – a private legal entity, UAB Nord DECO, was incorporated at the Register of Legal Entities of the State Enterprise of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius branch, corporate ID No. of the legal entity: 300663240, VAT No. LT100003104019, registered head office address: M. Katkaus g. 5-24, Vilnius, activity address: Paneriu st. 43, Vilnius (Lithuania).
1.2 norddeco.lt – electronic / internet web-store, at the address of www.norddeco.lt
1.3. Buyer – a capable natural person (a person, who is an adult, and whose capacity is not restricted under legal procedure), a young person from 14 to 18 years of age, having consent from his/her parents or carers only (except in emancipation cases); a legal person, acting though any authorized persons.
1.4 Parties – the Buyer and Seller collectively.
1.5 Seller’s bank account – LT77 7300 0100 9990 3432, AB Swedbank
1.6 These internet web-store rules for the purchase of goods (hereinafter – the Rules) are mandatory documentation, where the Buyer and Seller’s rights and duties, the terms and conditions of the procurement of goods and payment for them, delivery of goods and return procedure, parties’ liability are described together with the other provisions pertaining to the procurement - sales of goods in the web-store:
1.7 The Buyer, while presenting his/her order, certifies that he/she is entitled to purchase in the web-store.
1.8 The Buyer is not entitled to submit his/her order of goods in the web-store norddeco.lt, if the Buyer is not familiarized with the Rules and/or he/she disagrees with them. While presenting his/her order, the Buyer certifies that he/she has familiarized themselves and agreed with the Rules, he/she has understood them clearly and he/she undertakes to adhere to these Rules.

2. Validity of the Sales agreement

2.1 The Sales agreement between the Buyer and Seller (hereinafter the Agreement) is entered into from the moment, after the preparation of the goods basket on the web-store, providing the data, delivery address, selecting the payment method and approving that they have familiarized themselves with the Rules properly, the Buyer presses the link “Pirkti” (buy) (which is regarded as placing an order).
2.2 This Agreement is executed from the moment norddeco.lt receives the approval from the bank on the Buyer’s payment for the ordered goods.
2.3 After placing a new order, a new sales agreement is entered into.
2.4 The Seller is entitled to amend, replace or supplement these rules. When the Buyer purchases on the web-store norddeco.lt, the Rules are applied, which are applicable while placing an order, so the Buyer is recommended to familiarize themselves with the Rules during each purchase.
2.5 Each agreement, entered into between the Buyer and Seller, is retained in the web-store. The location of the agreement conclusion is the Republic of Lithuania. This Agreement is entered into and executed in Lithuania.
2.6 This Agreement is executed, when the Buyer receives the goods and settles for them.

3. Personal data protection

3.1 While placing an order, the Buyer approves that they agree to provide the Seller their personal data (full name, address, telephone No. and e-mail address) given in these Rules and order form, and they do not object to the fact that the Seller would handle the personal data provided by the Buyer and/or their representatives for the purposes of identification of the Buyer and/or their representatives, conclusion, execution of this agreement (internet sales), direct marketing, internet sales, they also agree that the notification, necessary to carry out the order of the goods, would be sent to the Buyer’s provided e-mail address and phone No.
3.2 While placing an order, the Buyer grants the Seller the right to collect, accumulate, use and process all the personal data submitted by the Buyer and/or their representatives for the purposes set out in these Rules, which the Buyer provides to norddeco.lt directly or indirectly. Moreover, the Buyer grants the right for the Seller to transfer the Buyer’s and/or their representatives’ personal data to third parties, if it is necessary for the execution of the order or handling of the data or planning and analysis of the activities on norddeco.lt
3.3 Checking the box of the web-store “Naujienlaiskis/ gaukite naujausius pasiulymus” (newsletter/receive the latest offers) and filling in the order and checking the box “Sutinku gauti pasiūlymus” (agree to receive offers), the Buyer confirms that they and their representatives agree that the Seller process the Buyer’s and/or their representatives’ personal data given to the Seller for direct marketing. The Seller states that they will not process the Buyer’s and/or their representatives’ personal ID No. for direct marketing.
3.4 The Buyer is responsible for the submission of the correct data during the sign-up process. If the Buyer does not provide the correct data in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences that occur.
3.5 While ordering goods, the Buyer undertakes to retain and not to disclose their log-in data to www.norddeco.lt In the case, that the Buyer discloses their log-in data, norddeco.lt is released from any pertaining responsibility.
3.6 The Seller undertakes not to disclose the Buyer’s personal data to third parties, unless it is required from the competent state entity in the cases set out in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or with a separate Buyer’s consent in writing.
3.7 The Buyer is entitled to object to the collection and processing of their personal data at any time, except in cases, when it is necessary for the execution of the requirements, arising from the sales agreement or execution of this order.   

4. Buyer's rights and obligations

4.1 The Buyer is entitled to buy goods from www.norddeco.lt under the procedure set out in these rules.
4.2 The Buyer is entitled to reject the goods sales agreement, replace or return the procured goods, under the procedure and cases set out in these Rules.
4.3 By placing an order in the web-store www.norddeco.lt, the Buyer agrees with these Rules and undertakes to adhere to them and as well as the ones set out in the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.
4.4 The Buyer undertakes to submit the full, detailed and correct information in their order. If the Buyer supplies incorrect, false or misleading data in the order form, norddeco.lt has the right to cancel the Buyer’s order and delete this data. The Seller is not responsible any incorrect personal data provided by the Buyer and they are not responsible for any damages that the Buyer or third parties encounter.
4.5 The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods ordered, the delivery services and accept the goods under the procedure set out in these Rules. After opting to take the goods from the Seller’s workshop (Paneriu g. 43, Vilnius), the Buyer must do it within 5 (five) working days from the approval of the order preparation from the Seller.
4.6 The Buyer undertakes to provide the right delivery address.
4.7 If the Buyer refuses to take the goods unreasonably, without major reasons during the delivery of the goods, the Buyer must cover the delivery costs of these goods.
4.8 The Buyer, using the web-store www.norddeco.lt, must carry out their obligations, adhere to these Rules, other terms and conditions, which are set out on www.norddeco.lt, not breaching the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.

5. Seller’s rights and obligations

5.1 The Seller undertakes to carry out all the efforts providing proper conditions for the Buyer to use the services supplied in the web-store www.norddeco.lt
5.2 The Seller undertakes to respect the Buyer’s right to privacy, the Buyer’s personal info, which is submitted during sign-in on the web-store).
5.3 The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods procured by the Buyer at the Buyer’s given address.
5.4 The Seller, being unable to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer due to major circumstances, undertakes to refund the money paid by the Buyer within 3 (three) working days, if the advance payment was made, in such a case, the responsibility regarding the compensation of losses is not applied to the Seller.
5.5 The Seller undertakes to adhere to the other requirements set out in these Rules. 
5.6 If the Buyer tries to negatively influence the operation, functioning or security of the web-store or breaches their obligations, the Seller is entitled, immediately and without advance warning, to suspend, terminate or restrict the Buyer’s opportunity to use the web-store and is not responsible for the losses, incurred by the Buyer.
5.7 The Seller, under major circumstances, may temporarily or completely terminate the web-store operation without notifying the Buyer about this. 
5.8 The Seller may amend the conditions of these Rules unilaterally.
5.9 If the Buyer uses the services supplied by www.norddeco.lt after the amendment of these conditions, it is regarded that the Buyer has agreed to the amendment of these Rules. 

6. Goods price, procedure and terms for the settlement of the goods

6.1 The prices of the goods in our web-store and issued order are given in EUR incl. VAT. The goods are sold to the Buyer under the prices applicable in the web-store during the placement of an order.
6.2 The Buyer may settle for the ordered goods with one of the following methods:
6.2.1 Settlement using the e-banking system – this is an advance payment, when the Buyer’s e-banking system remits the money into the settlement account of the www.norddeco.lt web-store. The responsibility for data security, in this case, is attributed to the appropriate bank, because all money operations are conducted in the e-banking system;
6.2.2 Settlement with the bank order – this is an advance payment, when the Buyer, directly from their bank account, remits the payment to the bank account of the norddeco.lt web-store (the Buyer must enter the number of the advance payment invoice into the section: Payment Intended Use of the payment form; unless the exact number of this invoice is given in the section: Payment Intended Use, the Seller does not guarantee the execution of order) or when the Buyer, after printing the order, remits the money into the bank account of norddeco.lt at any bank branch or pays at sales or mass media stands;
6.2.3 Settlement with a credit bank card (Visa or Mastercard) - this is advance payment, when the card details are transferred to the bank, which reserves a certain amount in the card holder’s account and sends a reply to the authorization request to the bank accepting the card, and the bank accepting the card resends the Seller an appropriate approval.
6.3 The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods immediately after the approval of his/her order, but no later than 1 (one) working day, because only after the receipt of the payment for the goods, can a parcel for the goods be collected and the term for the delivery of the goods be calculated. If the order is not paid within 5 working days, the Seller reserves the right to revoke it.
6.4 An invoice is sent to the Buyer to the e-mail given during the log-in.

7. Quality of the Goods

7.1 The features of all the goods sold on the web-store are generally given in the description of each of the goods. The manufacturers of the goods and/or importers are responsible for the information on their features (their correctness), and the Seller is responsible only for the suitable presentation (transfer) of this information to the consumers, unless the laws provide otherwise. 
7.2 The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the colour, form and other parameters of the goods available on the webstore may not conform to the real size, form and colour reflected in the Buyer’s monitor or due to technical reasons, as well as referring to reasonably possible non-conformities of the appearance. If the non-conformity of the colour, size and form of the goods is conditioned to the actions of the Seller or third parties pertaining to the Seller, then the Seller is responsible for the possible non-conformities of the goods’ appearance.
7.3 In the case, if the Seller does not provide the quality warranty for certain types of goods, the warranty is provided in accordance with the legal regulations.

8. Delivery of the goods

8.1 While ordering the goods, the Buyer undertakes to specify the exact delivery place of the goods.
8.2 The Buyer undertakes to accept the goods themselves. In the case, that the Buyer may not accept the goods themselves, and the goods are delivered as per the given address, the Buyer is not entitled to lodge any claims to the Seller due to the delivery of the goods for an unsuitable subject.
8.3 Delivery methods of the goods: In Lithuania:
(a) to the Buyer’s provided delivery location - the goods are delivered by courier service;
(b) collection from the norddeco.lt workshop in Vilnius – the Buyer or their representative takes the goods at the Seller’s place of operation.
8.3.2 To other states:
(a) goods for the Buyer are delivered using the services of Lietuvos Paštas;
(b) urgent delivery to the Buyer’s given address - goods to the Buyer are delivered by the DPD or DHL couriers.
8.4 While building up an order basket, the preparation of the goods for the delivery term is given for each of the goods. If there are a few goods in the consignment, the preparation time for the consignment delivery is given in accordance with the longest possible period. After adding the goods ordered in the basket and selecting the delivery methods and after providing the address, the total delivery term of the consignment is given (i.e. preparation time of the goods + consignment delivery period), through which the consignment will be delivered to the Buyer. In any case, the Goods are shipped to the Buyer only after the payment has been received. The Seller does not guarantee that the goods in all cases will be delivered within the period given on the order, especially if the Buyer’s payment is delayed, moreover, the delivery period of the goods may differ, depending on the state and the selected method and whether the goods are in the warehouse or not.
8.5 The goods delivery fee, and detailed information pertaining to the delivery of the goods, is presented in the section: Delivery of the Goods of the web-store.
8.6 In all cases, the Seller  is released from responsibility for the non-conformity of the goods delivery term, if the goods are not delivered or delivered to the Buyer delayed due to the Buyer’s fault or force majeure or the other circumstances beyond the Seller’s control.
8.7 During the delivery of the goods, the Buyer or the Buyer’s representative must check the consignment. In all cases, if the Buyer has detected damages to the package, a non-conformity of the assortment, quantity or quality of the goods, they must provide their remarks in the consignment way-bill or issue a separate report regarding these damages. The Buyer must do it in the presence of the courier’s representative. When the Buyer accepts and signs the accompanying document of the consignment (a paper or electronic declaration) without any remarks, it is regarded that the goods are delivered in the non-damaged consignment package, the goods quantity, quality and the assortment conform to the terms and conditions of the sales agreement. norddeco.lt is released from their responsibility against the Buyer due to the damage of the goods, if such damages were not indicated in the consignment delivery approval. If the Buyer did not accept the consignment due to the damages of the goods, in such a case, the courier’s representative returns the consignment to the Sender.
8.8 In all cases, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller, if the consignment is delivered in a damaged state, if goods, which were not ordered, are supplied in the consignment or it contains the improper quantity, incomplete set or the goods are of a poor quality, and the photos of the damaged consignment and/or goods should be provided to the Seller. 
8.9 If the Buyer refuses to accept the consignment or the courier’s representative may not deliver the consignment due to the Buyer’s fault, the money for the shipment costs are not refunded.
8.10 After opting to accept the goods at the workshop (Paneriu g. 43, Vilnius), the Buyer undertakes to collect the order within 5 (five) working days. If the order is not taken within the specified term, the Seller retains the right to revoke this order.

9. Return and change of the Goods

9.1 Goods of poor quality are changed or returned, based on the procedure set out in the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.
9.2 Intending to return the goods, the Buyer should notify the Seller by e-mail: lietuva@norddeco.lt, providing the designation of the returned goods, the payment approval or the number of the payment invoice and the return cause as well as provide the procurement documents. The qualitative goods must be returned in exactly the same condition as when they were received - in the original package, undamaged, unspoilt, the same set and without any lost marketable appearance. The Buyer may return the goods within 14 day from their receipt.
9.3 After receiving the goods and being assured that the goods were not used, without any lost marketable appearance, the Seller shall refund the payment into the Buyer’s given account within 14 days. The money for the returned goods in all cases is remitted only to the Buyer’s bank account.
9.4 If the returned goods are of a poor quality (goods are with a factory defect or damaged during the transportation), the Seller undertakes to change these goods with the same ones pertaining to the proper quality, notifying the Buyer with a notification to his/her e-mail address. If the Seller does not have the goods suitable for replacement, the amount paid is refunded to the Buyer, despite the delivery price.
9.5 If the goods of a poor quality are returned, the returning costs are covered by the Seller.
9.6 The goods, made in accordance with the Buyer’s special order (e.g. individual goods with texts or symbols etc. sewn, engraved and requested by the customer/Buyer) may not be returned and the Seller is not obliged to accept such goods.
9.7 The Seller is entitled not to accept the Buyer’s returned goods, if the Buyer does not adhere to the procedure for the return of goods set out in this article.

10. Responsibility

10.1 The Buyer is fully responsible for the data correctness given in the order form. The Buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences arising due to wrong and inaccurate data provided in the registration form.
10.2 The Buyer is responsible for the transfer of the order data to the third parties. If the third parties use the Buyer’s order data, the Buyer is responsible for the actions carried out by the third party.
10.3 The parties are responsible for any breach of the sales agreement entered with the internet web-store under the procedure set out in the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.
10.4 The Seller is not responsible for the information given in the websites of other companies, even if the Buyer enters into these websites through the links available on the Seller web-store.
10.5 The Seller is released from any responsibility in the cases, where losses arise due to the fact that the Buyer, disregarding the Seller’s recommendations and his/her obligations, was not familiarized with these rules, though he/she had such an opportunity.
10.6 The Seller’s civil liability for the losses (damages) is applied in the cases, when they have committed deliberately or due to gross negligence of the Seller or his/her employees.

11. Information exchange

11.1 The Seller sends all notifications to the e-mail address provided in the Buyer’s order form.
11.2 The Buyer sends all notifications and issues with the contact means and devices given in the section Contact of the Seller’s  webstore.

12. Final provisions

12.1 The law of the Republic of Lithuania is applied to the relations arising from these Rules.
12.2 The names of the goods and the companies used in this web-store may be trademarks and their intellectual ownership is defended under the procedure set out in the legal regulations of the Republic of Lithuania.
12.3 It is strictly forbidden to copy or otherwise disseminate the information available on norddeco.lt without the Buyer’s consent in writing.
12.4 All disagreements, arising due to the execution of these Rules, are resolved by way of negotiations. If they fail to agree, the disputes are solved under the procedure set out in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
12.5 The supervision for the adherence of the Rules, if needed, is assigned to the Manager of the Company and their authorized person.


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